• Promoting a Safe and Inclusive Community
    I love the town of Needham and its people. I believe our municipal leaders should provide an example for all, when it comes to showing kindness, respect and tolerance for our neighbors. It is incumbent upon us to lift up our neighbors and embrace our diversity, engage in constructive civil discourse, and actually listen to one another. This is how we will strengthen our town as a whole. We are fortunate to live in a community whose people are its best resource, with a proud history of educational excellence, entrepreneurship, and civic mindedness. As a mother, I want my children to be part of the legacy of Needham, and I want them to be proud of the work we all are doing to make Needham the best town it can be.
  • Supporting a First Class Public Education
    Needham has long been renowned for its school system. We must continue to build on this excellence and make sure our students have the necessary core competencies that will advance all students to their desired path. We must support teachers who have the skills and experience to contribute to the development of all students. I am determined to assure the quality of education that my children and YOURS are going to receive in the Needham Public School system. We must be clear in our budgeting to preserve all critical educational programs. We owe it to our families and taxpayers, to be forward thinking and fiscally responsible. 
  • Providing for Safe and Efficient Transportation
    Needham is a vital part of the MetroWest and Greater Boston region, as such, we must ensure that our resident commuters and those that require public transportation, have access to  transportation that is safe, timely and consistent, while also being mindful of the welfare and quality of life of our neighbors. Additionally, we must continue to work with the Commonwealth to ensure that our roads and bridges are up to the appropriate standards.
  • Making Housing More Affordable and Accessible
    When it comes to increasing the local housing stock, and development of affordable housing, I want to ensure that the process is fair and transparent, and encourages engagement of all stakeholders. I am keenly aware of the challenges for homeowners and potential home owners faced with the increasing property values within the Town of Needham. As a first time home buyer who recently went through the process, I can attest to the challenges and rewards.
  • Sustaining Our Precious Environment
    It is imperative that the Town of Needham continue to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, especially by focusing on conservation, recycling and promoting better environmental practices for all Needham residents. The Select Board must think outside the box, as well as seek the advice of the Town’s many talented and educated residents, as to how we can establish and meet tangible and realistic goals in preserving open space, and improving our local environment.
  • Recognizing our Veterans
    As the wife of a combat Veteran, I am uniquely aware of the needs of veterans and their families.  I believe it is incumbent upon those within town government to make sure that all veterans in our community have access to the services and benefits they have rightly earned.
  • Taking Care of our Seniors
    Too often our seniors have been left out of the discussion on Town policies. The comfort and safety of our senior population should be at the forefront, especially with regard to transportation and public health concerns. I look forward to engaging the Senior community, as I believe that our seniors are a great resource for us in determining the course of many issues of importance to our Town.